Dave Ward Memorial Lecture Award

STI’s Brian Danowsky recently received the Dave Ward Memorial Lecture Award that is given annually by the Aerospace Control and Guidance Systems Committee to young researchers that have made significant contributions in the areas of guidance and control. Brian was honored for his ongoing work concerning the development of real-time methods to suppress adverse aerolastic modes. Continue reading

Spatial Disorientation Training

STI has begun a new Phase II SBIR program for the FAA that will develop methods to demonstrate spatial disorientation in a Level D Flight Simulator to enhance commercial pilot training. This two year program will feature piloted evaluations in the NASA Ames Boeing 747-400 flight simulator.

Measuring Pilot Workload

STI with partners Calspan Corporation and Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc. recently completed a program for AFRL that featured the first of its kind comparison of EEG/ECG-based workload measures made in flight with those made in a flight simulator with the same test pilot participants.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.02.33 PM

Flight Test Evaluations of SAFE-Cue

STI’s Smart Adaptive Flight Effective Cue or SAFE-Cue system was successfully evaluated in flight by test pilots from NASA Armstrong (formerly Dryden), Calspan Corporation, and Boeing. Evaluation flights were conducted using the Calspan Corporation Learjet III In-Flight Simulator and featured an adaptive control system developed by Barron Associates, Inc.

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