From training to testing, STI simulation solutions recreate reality without the attendant hazards and costs.

The Systems Technology approach to a vehicle dynamics problem is to begin with the simplest model form that adequately describes the dominant dynamics and then to add complexity as needed. Simple models often produce literal solutions that directly tie results to fundamental parameters. To more fully represent higher order effects and nonlinear behavior, computer simulation models are introduced. This build up approach allows for model validation to occur at many levels, so that improvements in model fidelity can be made incrementally and accurately.

Human-in-the-Loop simulation

Systems Technology also maintains expertise in the development, use, and assessment of human-in-the-loop simulators. Over the past fifty plus years, Systems Technology has conducted studies using a wide range of government, industry, and academic simulator facilities to investigate air and ground vehicle handling qualities, human pilot and driver behavior, simulator-based training, fatigue and impairment, impact of new medications, and many others. At our facilities in Hawthorne, CA, Systems Technology utilizes a fixed base research flight simulator with McFadden hydraulic controller that can be configured for both fixed and rotary wing evaluations, a motion base simulator that can be configured for both ground and air vehicle evaluations, and a car cab driving simulator with a 135 degree projected field-of-view.

Successful simulation products

Systems Technology has developed a successful line of commercial simulators that include: PARASIM®, a parachute maneuvering training simulator; STISIM Drive®, a driver-in-the-loop simulator; and the Fused Reality™ immersive simulator display system.

Simulation Capabilities

Systems Technology’s engineering consulting and research services in Simulation focus on the following:

Human-in-the-Loop Simulators

  • Driving Simulators
  • Flight Simulators
  • Parachute Training Simulators
  • Rotorcraft Simulators
  • Fixed Base/Motion Base
  • In-Flight Simulators
  • Simulator Fidelity

Computer Simulation Models

  • FlightSim – Matlab-based generic fixed wing air vehicle simulation
  • LTASim – Matlab-based generic lighter than air vehicle simulation
  • VDANL – Nonlinear ground vehicle simulation

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Systems Technology offers a complete assessment of human-in-the-loop simulation including real-time vehicle models,  simulator cueing fidelity measures, novel display systems, and unique measures of system performance.