Aerospace Engineering

Systems Technology started more than fifty years ago with an emphasis on Aerospace Engineering research and development.

When Systems Technology started more than fifty years ago, our reputation was built on our pioneering work in Aerospace Engineering research and development. Military and commercial clients continue to look to us for solutions to the dynamics and control problems that occur as aviation technology evolves.

We first established our leadership over the years in dynamic analysis, flight control system design, and flying qualities assessments of fighters, transports, rockets, rotorcraft, missiles and spacecraft. Soon the commercial and business aircraft industry was tapping into our expertise.

As the company has evolved over the years, Systems Technology remains an industry leader in aerospace vehicle dynamics, flying qualities, and pilot-vehicle systems for a wide range of vehicle types from fixed wing to rotary wing to lighter-than-air, from commercial to military, from subsonic to hypersonic, and from manned to unmanned systems.

Systems Technology has supported the development of specific vehicles from preliminary design to flight test and has advanced the state-of-the-art in system identification techniques and flight control system design and analysis (see – Systems and Control), flying qualities specifications, human pilot models, and pilot-induced oscillation comprehension and alleviation.

Building on decades of experience with a full range of aerospace vehicles, our team now applies this expertise to the industry’s most advanced vehicles.




In addition to the featured capabilities at left, STI offers additional Aerospace Engineering capabilities that include:

  • Atmospheric Reentry
  • Hypersonics
  • Free Fall Dynamics and Parachutes
  • Pilot-Vehicle Systems
  • Reduced Order Modeling
  • Simulator Fidelity
  • Uncertainty Analysis