Awards and Patents


1988 Grover E. Bell Award, presented by the American Helicopter Society for “outstanding contribution to helicopter development, research experimentation, advancing the state of the art modeling and testing of helicopter dynamics and structural bending modes.”

1990 USDA Forest Service Technology & Development Center “In appreciation for outstanding performance in developing a Parachute Maneuvering Simulator for the USDA Forest Service Smokejumping Program”

2010 M. P. Koch Award, presented by SAFE Association “In recognition of those members of industry who have made significant contributions in the advancement of hardware for safety and survival applications.”

2010 Group Achievement Award to NASA Very Large Air Tanker Team “For exceptional achievement between Government and industry toward developing operational recommendations for airworthiness and mission compatibility in fighting forest fires.”

2010 NASA Tech Brief Award for “Use of Dynamic Distortion to Predict and Alleviate Loss of Control”

2011 NASA Tech Brief Award for “Fused Reality for Enhanced Flight Test capabilities”

2012 Tibbets Award, presented by the U.S. Small Business Administration “In Recognition of your outstanding contribution to the SBIR Program” for commercializing the Parasim – Virtual Reality Parachute Simulator


Apparatus for Measuring Operator Performance (US Patent No. 3,483,302, 12/9/1969)

Apparatus for Determining Eye Point-of-Regard (US Patent No. 3,664,731, 5/23/1972)

Device for Measuring Human Performance (US patent No. 4,983,125, 1/8/1991)

Parachute Flight Training Simulator (US Patent No. 6,000,942, 12/14/1999)

System for Combining Virtual and Real-time Environments (US Patent No. 7,479,967, 1/20/2009)

Autorotation Flight Control System (US patent #7,976,310, 7/12/2011)

Systems and Methods for Combining Virtual and Real-time Physical Environments (US Patent No. 8,040,361, 10/18/2011)