Fused Reality®

A technology platform that revolutionizes
mixed-reality training with a quantum leap beyond virtual and augmented reality.

Fused Reality is a technology platform that enables the next generation of simulation beyond virtual and augmented reality. It’s the only platform that layers what is perceived in the real world with virtual elements, in real-time, seamlessly and simultaneously.

Now you can control where the real ends and the virtual begins. Create immersive training environments that enable the trainee to see and interact with real elements and virtual elements with no differentiation between the two.

A total immersion tool kit
Fused Reality allows interactive tasks to be conducted in moving vehicles (car, aircraft, ship), where the interaction takes place with virtual elements that respond to the actual vehicle motion or user input. In the interior, trainees see their own hands operating the actual control panel, equipment or weapon. Outside, they see an actual or virtual landscape while interacting with the virtual elements you insert into it. It’s all integrated. No more transparency or separation.

Achieve a higher level of relative realism than ever before possible or affordable. Fused Reality provides you with the tools to build your ideal simulated or operational training scenarios. If you’re upgrading from virtual/augmented reality to Fused Reality, you can preserve your Image Generation investment. Just import your scenarios into Fused Reality.

Reduce training cost and risk
Use real vehicles and equipment “in situ” – in a training facility, in flight or on the road. Train students for situations for which trial and error carries a high cost and risk. They’ll land a space capsule without going into space, fuel an aircraft in the air without flying an expensive tanker, or engage an enemy from a ground vehicle without being in a battle zone. Real motion is geo-synched. Pilots can see virtual Heads Up Displays.

Current and future applications
Fused Reality is an application of Systems Technology expertise in human and systems dynamics, simulation, virtualized training and digital object manipulation. The US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Army, NASA and a “Big 3” US automaker have invested millions of dollars of development funding into Fused Reality, for which Systems Technology owns the patents. Our clients are testing and fielding Fused Reality-enhanced simulators and trainers for applications ranging from ground vehicle operation to aerial refueling. Future applications in the medical field include therapy for stroke victims.

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In a NASA application of Fused Reality (top photo below), the student flies a training aircraft in real airspace to practice a hookup with a virtual tanker, saving tanker operating costs. The pilot sees his actual hand, instrument panel, HUD and virtual airspace, in real-time. Bottom photo shows an automotive application of Fused Reality.