Industrial Controls

We engineer precision control and ease of operation.

From oil drilling rigs on land and off shore to extremely large telescopes with 500 mirrors, 1,500 actuators and 2,200 sensors to synchronize, Systems Technology engineering services help clients achieve unprecedented gains in control precision and ease of operation, simultaneously.

Bring us in at any stage of product development: modeling, design, testing, field optimization or troubleshooting. STI can contribute technical expertise at any level or degree required. We can aid in the conceptual and preliminary design phase of a project, be an integral part of a design team, participate in design reviews, complete validation work for initial operations, and perform systems identification and analysis for equipment project upgrades.

Our expertise in systems analysis and control system design includes:

  • Mathematical modeling of mechanical structures and the validation of these models, including first principle physics models and Simulink implementation.
  • Control system design and analysis for servo systems, vibration rejection, motor and engine control, and similar types of systems, both large and small.
  • Hardware in the loop testing.
  • Development and validation of requirements.


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STI can support modeling, model validation, and simulation as part of industrial control design. Seeing a new design through to the first installation is a tradition in the oil industry.