The driving simulator redefined, for broader roles in research, patient assessment, rehabilitation and fleet training.

Driving is an ideal test of human functioning because the skill engages so many modalities: cognition, vision, hearing, executive function, psycho-motor. STISIM Drive, which packages STI’s proprietary software and hardware into interactive simulation systems, is used in a wide spectrum of applications:

  • Clinical assessment and occupational therapy rehabilitation
  • Research and development, including human factor studies and pharmaceutical evaluation trials
  • Vehicle and highway design
  • Driver training, education,  and assessment, and fleet assessment

Reinventing the industry for over thirty years
STISIM Drive fundamentally redefined driving simulation over thirty years ago with the development of the first affordable PC-based simulator with sophisticated capabilities including data capture and interactive scenarios. Now in use by over 500 organizations, STISIM Drive is the driving simulator of choice at leading research, clinical, and driver training centers worldwide. The effectiveness of STISIM Drive has been demonstrated in hundreds of peer-reviewed studies.

Occupational therapy: Efficient patient assessment and measurable rehabilitation
Designed as a tool for the assessment, evaluation, and rehabilitation of clinical patients, STISIM Drive-OT includes scenarios that engage everything from reaction times to memory and judgment. STISIM Drive’s patient database and user friendly interface make allow evaluations to be efficient, accurate, and safe. The STISIM Drive-OT patient database stores individual patient scenario results and data that provide a tool to track treatment history, and measure patient progress along the road to recovery.

Research: introducing the “confounders”
Driving is an over learned skill; almost everyone at one time will drive without full conscious attention.  Researchers want to know what happens when you introduce a confounder to the driving process, confounders like a medication, an illegal or prescribed drug, a distraction, lack of sleep and or fatigue, alcohol intoxication, or an obstructed or poorly contrasted driver field of view. STISIM Drive provides repeatable measurements of the variables you want to evaluate. Choose from over 90 existing scenarios that can be customized to fit your research parameters, or create a new scenario that fits your research criteria.

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STISIM Drive realistically simulates your choice of driving challenges with customized driving scenarios and performance measurements. Integrated software/hardware systems are available in console models (photo at bottom) or tabletop configurations.