About STI

STI: where complex dynamic systems and human operators intersect.

Systems Technology Inc. (STI) is a research, engineering consulting and product development firm that resides at a unique intersection. Our expertise is where two types of complex dynamic systems meet: machines that move and the humans that control them, from aircraft to automobiles, airships to underwater towed bodies, and oil rigs to astronomical telescopes.

We have been on the cutting edge of research and engineering since 1957, applying fundamental physics and math principles to address new technological challenges. Our engineering consulting services and simulation products optimize the interaction between machines in motion and the human operators or autonomous systems that control them, to achieve maximum performance and safety.

Our ability to simplify complexity to solve seemingly intractable engineering problems creates exceptional value for our customers.  System Technology’s successes across government and industry span a wide range of fields: aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, and astronomy.

STI is two synergistic businesses:

Engineering services: Consulting in design, control, modeling, analysis, testing, requirements definition and systems identification. Clients with internal engineering teams outsource to us to solve difficult dynamics and control problems. We perform early stage audits to prevent costly issues later. Our government handling qualities and flight control requirements expertise (from NASA to the FAA) is a key asset.

Simulation products and platforms: Years of engineering consulting and R&D successes have laid the foundation for STI’s own simulation products, which increase effectiveness while reducing cost in areas like training and human performance assessment. PARASIM has been the global standard for parachute training for 15 years. STISIM Drive redefined the driving simulator, giving it a broader role from occupational therapy to clinical studies to fleet training. Fused Reality is a technology platform that enables the next generation of virtual and augmented reality. We also develop specialized analytical software.

STI’s skill set, rare in today’s world, brings together a deep understanding of dynamics systems theory and modeling, complex machines in motion, and the human operators or autonomous systems that control them.