STI Gesture-Recognition in Aviation Week

STI’s gesture-recognition technology is featured in this January 23, 2018 Aviation Week and Space Technology article by Graham Warwick, featuring quotes from STI’s Dr. Amanda Lampton, who presented a paper on this topic at the AIAA SciTech conference in Kissimmee, FL, January 8-12, 2018.

STI DIABLO System - Information Monitor and Director Performing a Task

STI DIABLO System – Information Monitor and Director Performing a Task


“Integrating unmanned aircraft systems into manned operations is a challenging balancing act of making needed changes to accommodate the unmanned systems and yet minimizing the impact of those changes to daily operations. This is nowhere more apparent than on the flight deck of a Navy aircraft carrier in which daily operations and mission events are like a carefully choreographed danced that has evolved and been perfected over the last hundred years. A dance in which a breakdown in communication can result in a slowdown of operations at best and catastrophic damage to equipment and/or loss of life at worst. As the Navy moves toward integrating unmanned operations into manned, of particular importance is developing technology that allows the aircraft directors on deck to communicate with unmanned aircraft in as near to the same manner as they do with manned. This means using the same gesture-based lexicon with which directors communicate with pilots and without the addition of more personnel on deck. In response to this need, an effort was made to develop an inertial measurement-based gesture recognition hardware/software solution.”  —  “Formal Evaluation of IMU-based Gesture Recognition for UAS Aircraft Carrier Deck Handling,” A.K. Lampton, Ph.D., J.R. Gray and J.P. Miller, AIAA Paper 2018-0075, presented at AIAA SciTech Forum, Kissimmee, FL,  8-12 January 2018

Download the paper here.