Ground Vehicle Engineering

From designing the cars of the future to researching driver safety, our expertise has broad applications.

Systems Technology started ground vehicle research with early work for the old Bureau of Public Roads.  After the formation of the Department of Transportation, work continued with the Federal Highway Administration, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and various commercial customers.  Research has been conducted on driver and vehicle behavior, and driver/vehicle performance.

Specific work has involved visibility effects on driver control and decision making, driver response to traffic control devices, driver impairment studies (drugs, alcohol and fatigue), driver/vehicle control with various vehicle dynamics, and vehicle/tire testing to characterize vehicle dynamics. Along with this research Systems Technology has developed useful analysis tools, including complete driver/vehicle simulation models, vehicle instrumentation, and software for data reduction and analysis of vehicle static and dynamic test data.

Systems Technology’s research and development in Ground Vehicle Engineering focuses on the following:

Ground Vehicle Engineering Capabilities:

  • Ground Vehicle Handling
  • Ride Quality
  • Tire Modeling
  • Vehicle Dynamics & Control
  • Dynamic Stability and Rollover
  • Vehicle Instrumentation
  • Ground Vehicle Crash Avoidance
  • Driver Assessment
  • Driver Behavior
  • Handling and stability
  • Effects of Visibility
  • Effects of impairments
  • Novice Driving Training

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Comprehension of the driver-vehicle system from vehicle subsystem models including a detailed tire model to nonlinear simulation of the complete vehicle.