Systems & Controls

An STI focus is the dynamics and control of vehicles – aerospace, automotive, and marine.

The term ‘vehicle’ has at times expanded to include, for example, large astronomical telescopes and platform oil drilling works. These projects typically involve: formulating, simulating, and analyzing the system dynamics; estimating and/or identifying system parameters; developing performance and stability requirements; and synthesizing control system concepts.

Building upon its legacy of frequency domain estimation techniques, Systems Technology has recently developed a new set of wavelet-based identification tools that allow for time-varying system identification. From its inception, aircraft flight control systems have been a major focus of the research and development activities. This has involved a wide range of military and commercial aircraft including modern fly-by-wire designs.

In addition to complete systems, Systems Technology is often involved with the dynamics and control of significant vehicle components. New work includes actuator health monitoring and measurement of aircraft buffet loads using existing control surface actuator sensors. In the past Systems Technology has developed specialized servos and control systems to implement variable stability automobiles for use in automotive handling qualities and safety research.

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With the development of wavelet-based analytical tools including scalograms, traditional frequency domain measures can now be made for time-varying systems.