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Prevent PIO by design, test, and real-time monitoring.

Attend our PIO Short Course.

The STI PIO and Frequency Domain Analysis and Testing Short Course enhanced Embraer understanding and solidified the grounds for the Flight Sciences, Control Laws and Flight Testing teams to become even more proactive and enthusiastic on the quest to design and test PIO resistant aircraft. The course conveyed decades of PIO knowledge to the teams through the very capable hands of Mr. Klyde and Mr. Mitchell. We are thankful for the 3 days we had together down here in Brazil. All the best for you guys!

Ricardo S.F. Mello, Embraer


  • Causes of PIO, including the most publicized events

  • Methods for PIO prediction and prevention by design and analysis

  • Exposure of PIO tendencies by simulation and flight test techniques

  • Tools for real-time monitoring

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