STI Paper No. 776

Preliminary Evaluation of the SAFE-Cue Warning Display for Loss of Control Mitigation (STI Paper Series)

In response to the potential for unfavorable pilot-vehicle coupling, including pilot-induced oscillations, between novel adaptive flight control systems designed to safely operate air vehicles in the presence of damage or failures and the pilot flying the vehicle, the Smart Adaptive Flight Effective Cue was developed. The original incarnation of SAFE-Cue features an adaptive command path gain to mitigate oscillation tendencies and an inceptor force feedback cue to alert the pilot that the system is active and to temper inceptor commands as a complimentary oscillation mitigation technique.

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Following test pilot suggestions during the flight test evaluations of SAFE-Cue:

  • A visual cue has been developed and added to the SAFE-Cue system as the SAFE-Cue warning display
  • Preliminary evaluations of the SAFE-Cue warning display by a NASA test pilot was conducted in a fixed-base simulator
  • The resulting pilot opinion ratings and quantitative assessment of performance indicated that the SAFE-Cue warning display both in isolation and in combination with the command path gain and force cue successfully mitigated the oscillation tendencies that can lead to loss of control by visually alerting the pilot of performance limitations caused by the failure or damage

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